NRW at Talisman - the old favourite


Last night, as promised publicly to my darling Wiz, we went on a date night to experience Talisman during #NRW2017. It's our absolute favourite, the restaurant I would transport for my own death by obesity to a desert island, where I have no doubt that with only a couple of coconuts and a recently speared reef fish, Chef Ray would be able to cook up a feast to stave off the inevitable for one more day. Since reading Lord of the Flies as a 15 year old, and permanently scarred from the frankly horrific scenes imagined by Golding, I have a fixed idea in my mind of a desert island and it swings between the utter hellishness of no company to the paradisiacal beauty that he tried to describe, albeit with a gang of nasty little boys. Anyway back to the subject of Talisman, for although it is an island of its own, in no way would it resonate with Golding's descriptions.

They've extended their ability to cater for diners when it could be raining, which was a relief because the heavens had finally opened after weeks of hot, dry weather. We sat under the tarpaulin extension with the company of a Cookswell Jiko laughing frog with coals in his mouth to keep us warm, and were served by the lovely Isaac whose attention to detail was highly commendable and made the evening that much more enjoyable. We started with a Dawa (for him) and a lemongrass lemonade (for her) - both of which were very good, but if I were to return it would be for the Dawa. Our starter choices were Pork & Ginger Samosas (for him, although I was allowed a nibble) and the Black Dragon Roll (for her). I don't usually go for sushi, don't ask me why - it's just one of those things - but I think this experience could have swayed me towards opting for sushi in future. It was so flavoursome and delicious, crunchy against the softness of the rice, and a divine sauce to go with it. 

Next, mains. He chose Thai Green Chicken Curry - in-cred-i-ble. Like amazing. Like I won't ever try to make that at home because it simply won't live up to the night we had Thai Green Chicken Curry at Talisman. And I went for the Singapore style fried snapper with capsicum and coriander, veg fried rice (I didn't have rice), nam prik and coconut sambal. It was delicious - light and airy batter around the fish complemented by the fresh, bright flavours of the veggies, and just enough chilli to keep you on your toes.

Finally, although the guinness chocolate cake sounded a-m-azing, we were struggling to fit anything more in! So we settled for a scoop of ice cream which was a delicious way to end the meal.  No pics because it was too dark!! But everything was amazing.