Nairobi Restaurant Week (NRW2017) at Tapas


When Shreya at SHK Consulting pinged me a message on Instagram after a particularly enthusiastic ♥️ and comment, and invited me to come and taste the NRW Menu at Tapas Kenya, I couldn't resist. The diary was swept clean in one deft move, and Thursday afternoon was suddenly as clear as the plates would be later in the day. 

The afternoon started off with a fabulous demonstration of how to make Sangria - points to note: lots of oranges, lots of lemons, gallons of red wine, sugar, cloves and brandy - and then of course we had to taste it - of course!! And what a delicious concoction Sangria is. Simple, but the combination of citrusy notes with the warmth and depth of red wine is a heady mixture to start off a tasting menu. 

We started with Tropical Carpaccio, Peruvian style ceviche and Beetroot Carpaccio whilst we swilled the Sangria and got to know the gang. Then along came the house bread with a tomato fondue and olive oil, Octopus Salad, Beef fillet with an exquisite mushroom cream, fried cauliflower (could have eaten that for weeks), Patatas Bravas, Gilled Chicken Thigh and finally lamb kebab on the smoothest most delicious tahini. 

This was a feast worthy of the most greedy of Greek Gods, and we ate as though we were indeed immortal, throwing caution and diets to the wind. There was no way that any form of resistance would have withheld the delicious aromas coming from each artwork of a dish. The Chef came out to see us as he presented each course, which added a flourish of personalised service, whilst the waiting staff were very attentive as well. 

I like the atmosphere at Tapas - the verandah is leafy and airy, and has a cosmopolitan kind of feel - a little like a mini piazza style restaurant in Madrid. The food completes the circle and transports you to Espagne. 

Tapas Kenya: https://eatout.co.ke/nairobi/tapas-ceviche-bar