Lunch with Juju

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Surfeits of deliciousness at Sails

It may be tucked away on Galu beach but there's nothing understated about Sails when it comes to big, bold flavours. We went there recently after a wedding, desperately in need of a hearty lunch to beat occasional surges of hangover pain. And we had been a few times in the past - Sails is a favourite, and the one place we seek out when we go to the coast. It's well worth the seeking! Stylishly set out amongst the coconut palms, with sweeping sail roofs stretched over a steel structure, Sails is all about drinking in the beach view - and Galu has to be one of the best in the world I reckon - and enjoying a sea breeze. I ordered a light starter of halloumi and chickpea salad, which was herby and lemony and delicious. Followed by a proper fish and chips in a batter as light as a feather which literally melted in the mouth, and revealed steaming, perfectly cooked white fish. Perfect chips - not chunky, not skinny - and a subtle pea and mint puree together with the chef's homemade tartare and ... well, it was perfect. Just perfect. The kind of fish and chips you'll wax lyrical to family when you return. Forget the sun (or lack of - it is July after all!), forget the sea (no we didn't go in), forget the coconuts - all you'll be talking about is that insanely good meal you had at Sails. My biggest regret is that I didn't have space for pudding, argh!!! Next time perhaps I'll be sensible and start with pudding, and then move on to fish and chips and see how much space I have!

Visit the Sails Website: click here.