An update on Talisman


There was a time when you could just saunter into Talisman on any given evening and pick yourself a table to enjoy a good meal. Today, it's different. The food and service at Talisman have given it the reputation it deserves, and you'll be a disappointed sausage if you go without booking ahead! We recently went for dinner after exercising our laughter lines and stomach muscles with the brilliant Davina Leonard who performed her one-woman show to a legion of fans. Having worked up an appetite doing what constitutes as exercise for me these days, we took our seats and delved into the menu. The descriptions are bang on, and we had a fabulous waiter who had plenty of suggestions and seemed to know exactly what he was talking about. I ordered the Tagliata di Manzo, which is seared fillet of beef with truffle oil, parmesan, balsamic glaze, matchstick potatoes, rocket and artichokes. This was a dish to write home about. Wow. The fillet was perfectly cooked - on the rare side, which I like, but had been warned about by the waiter in case it wasn't to my taste - complimented by the earthy, almost garlicky taste of the truffle oil. And then lightened by the sharp cut of parmesan and sweetened by the balsamic... and finally a crunchy matchstick potato topping meant the whole dish came together and danced on my tastebuds.

Wiz went for the Thai Green Fish Curry, but so consumed was I by my tagliata that I didn't even taste his! He reported an excellent meal, however.

For pudding, because I don't get out much these days and frankly you know 'carpe diem': so Belgian Chocolate Fondant was it. This may have been influenced by a recent challenge in the UK Masterchef championship, where the fondant had to be just perfect and I was keen to see whether Talisman could deliver. Well, deliver they did. All I can say is that it is highly advisable to leave a significant amount of space in your stomach for this incredibly indulgent treat, and it's well worth the extra calories. Especially in this cold weather. You need an extra layer anyway.

Talisman: http://www.thetalismanrestaurant.com
Phone: +254 733 761 449