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Pick me up at Tiramisu...

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Oh this is a 'pick me up' alright. As the yeasty smell of warm bread wafts out, and pop art coloured cupcakes beckon you in, it's almost impossible to give Tiramisu a miss. I reckon it might even tempt me to find reasons to go to Village Market more often than I currently do, given the traffic battling nightmare that it can be to get from Langata to Gigiri. 

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Perhaps, like me, you don't need an excuse to eat cake? Right now I'm making the most of that 'feeding for two' nonsense that people tell you when you're carrying around a football in your stomach and actually you only have space to feed about half, since your 'baby baggage' has squashed everything up into your diaphragm. Anyway... that said, it doesn't stop my eyes from telling my mouth that it should order enough for three. 

And so it was that I waddled out of Village Market carrying a bag stuffed with Leo's Sandwich, a chocolate tart (mini), a lemon poppy muffin and a slice of tiramisu... what a peedy griglet.

Leo's Sandwich was an excellent lunch choice, though I was grateful not to have any meetings lined up afterwards as I think I consumed as much garlic as a frenchman on Bastille Day. The sandwich was made on the freshest white baguette, and filled with parma ham, mozarella (though sadly not di bufala, which is my preference), Leo's green (and garlicky) sauce and sun dried tomatoes. It was very tasty, a little lacking at the ends of the baguettes, but otherwise nicely filled and most definitely sufficient. 

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Later on the chocolate tart - a small square pastry case filled with the darkest looking chocolate ganache I've seen in Kenya - was sent to it's final resting place, in my stomach. It's pastry was sweet and held together nicely, not too many crumbs scattered as I bit into it, and then the ganache hit my tongue... I won't go into the details but let's just say it is most definitely the highest quality chocolate treat I've ever tasted south of Barcelona. 

And in Barcelona they do brave things like make chocolate with parmesan, which is a must-taste for anyone who is interested in the alchemy of sweet and savoury.

Finally we have the Tiramisu creation - a light layered scrumptiousness of zabaglione, sponge, chocolate and coffee - the ultimate in puddings when made right. And this one is most definitely right. It's creamy but light, just the right amount of coffee in it to hint at caffeine and a bitter aftertaste, but nicely balanced by the sweetness and silkiness of the mascarpone. 10/10! 

Apparently, they also deliver. SQUEAL!

Tel: +254 702 993 254
Email: tiramisubakerykenya@gmail.com