just the ticket: jiko at tribe


I've always been a fan of Tribe: as a brand it burst onto the Kenyan scene with a fresh, design conscious, approach - very much aware of the need for something new into the market. I've had a few Skal lunches outside around the pool - a raucous affair usually with fifty members of Kenya's travel trade in attendance - but it's different when you get to indulge twice in three weeks at Jiko, choosing from their a la carte menu. 

First off, the service is impressive.  The waiting staff always introduce themselves by name and in case you don't catch it, they wear a badge.  They recommend dishes and go through the specials, and are quick to see a plate or glass that needs removing. Being a fan of pasta and ravioli (and using my burgeoning bump as an excuse to tuck into carbs at any given opportunity - aka "I'm not fat, I'm pregnant!"), at the first lunch I chose charcoal ravioli with ricotta cheese, braised onion and sage butter sauce, accompanied by what should be a signature Tribe drink - minty passion.  I defy you to order a second once you've tried your first!  Before your main course comes, a freshly baked sourdough loaf arrives presented on a slab of slate, accompanied by a trendy little wooden baculi with garlic butter.  It's absolutely delicious - beware the carbs!! 

With the edge of my hunger taken off by the sourdough and garlic butter, I wondered whether I'd have enough space for my ravioli order.  Well it turns out Tribe is sympathetic to those who need to stay awake in the afternoon, and the dish was perfectly sized - not too much, not too little - and exquisitely flavoured.  As a member of the fairer sex, I'm not meant to say I was 'nearly stuffed' by the end, but I was definitely 'pleasantly replete'.  

On my second visit,  apparently with no further desire to reduce my carb intake, I chose the nano green pea risotto.  Fortunately, Sham ordered some salads to start, which ticked the health box.  Iridescent green, the risotto is all about the pea flavour, which has been teased out by some excellent preparation.  A small slice of brie melts on top of the steaming dish, breaking up the monotone, and adding another layer of flavour.  I'm a fan. 

Jiko at Tribe
 +254 20 720 0000