rudy's - eccentric home dining

Rudy's is tucked away in the leafy suburbs of Karen, a discreet gate with a simple 'R' indicating that you've reached the right place. The large house that this restaurant occupies has an enormous central area where everything from fondu to eland is offered - an eclectic collision of European cuisine and African ingredients. Rudy himself is a colourful individual who always takes the time to greet his guests.

To be honest dining at Rudy's feels like you're at a dinner party. To the bar first for a drink, and then through to the dinner party to enjoy eland. I asked for it to be cooked to medium, which for me means a mere blush of pink in the middle. Unfortunately the eland almost still had a pulse, and although eland isn't very gamey in taste, I still can't bring myself to tackle a shiny, cold hunk of meat on my plate. However, the rosti it was served with was scrumptious, and the veg (green beans and carrots) were delicious. Pudding was a disappointment as I always expect, at the very least, simple but tasty. A scoop of ice cream surrounded by three piles of piped cream and a thin fruit coulis was a little heavy on the cream for me! 

Rudy's Menu
Reservations: +254 717 616615 OR +254 717 616617