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there's nothing shack like about the food at tin roof cafe

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A new opening in Karen is always met with great excitement, no matter how small, and when The Souk's rather disappointing cafe was turned into Tin Roof a month ago, expectations ran high. Instant success is something to celebrate, but also be wary of, for Nairobi clientele can be notoriously fickle. In this instance, I think all the owners need to be wary of is not having enough space for demand. 

Perfectly placed within spitting distance of Karen's epicentre, Tin Roof will beckon you in for a tasty morsel over lunch. Or perhaps a cappuccino to break up the morning. Or somewhere to do your networking and notworking. It takes up the slack where Rusty Nail's closure left a gap, but with a new generation of yunnies (young upwardly mobile nairobi-ites) behind it, promises a new approach. 

First, there's the cutesy verandah area with it's brightly mismatched chairs, exuding the kind of charm you'd find at one of your friend's houses. This in itself welcomes an afternoon of lounging, but if you aren't already convinced, wait until you spy the Ottolenghi Salad Bar. A profusion of health shouts from the table where you help yourself to jewel coloured salads. If you're feeling a little more indulgent, or hungry, there's a great selection of more substantial dishes to choose from such as the chicken and dhania pancake I enjoyed, which was utterly delicious. Just make sure you leave some space for the cup cakes, the sweet kick your taste buds will thank you for long after lunch. 

Along with food that makes you feel like you could go and do a five hour yoga session, what makes Tin Roof really stand out is the atmosphere. It feels like a cross between lunch with good friends and a seaside cafe. Carol zips around between the tables with a wide grin on her face, jollily taking orders, delivering plates heaped with scrumptious lunches, and clearing away at the end. She's a breeze of happiness and is the cherry on the cake when it comes to the experience at Tin Roof. She's also in charge of the kitchen and although I didn't see any evidence of more than two arms, she must be a mega multi tasker to keep everything going! 

If you're too lazy to leave the house, Tin Roof now does take aways although you'll need to sort out your own boda boda man to collect. 

Look them up online: click here.
Call them: +254 706 348 215.
Visit them: The Souk, Dagoretti Road, 200m from Karen Roundabout.