rudy's - eccentric home dining

Rudy's is tucked away in the leafy suburbs of Karen, a discreet gate with a simple 'R' indicating that you've reached the right place. The large house that this restaurant occupies has an enormous central area where everything from fondu to eland is offered - an eclectic collision of European cuisine and African ingredients. 

not la dolce vita

How can the an Italian restaurant get it so wrong?​

The ambience is almost there, the location is near perfect. But the food the food the food! We booked a table at Osteria Karen inside, near the fire, which was ideal for the thunderstorm that careered in to lash at the windows all night. The perfect ambience would have been cosy and warm, dimmed lights and dark walls. But it wasn't the atmosphere that bothered me as much as the dull thud of a bad culinary creation.

the newly reopened talisman

​Perched on its little hill above Karen, Talisman has become an institution for great food, good music, and a tightly packed bar. When it announced a closure for three months, many were at a loss of where to go for their staple weekly treat. Karen doesn't offer a huge amount of choice, particularly if you're looking for some quality nosh. So the reopening of Talisman has beckoned many a Karenite out of the comfort of their living room, even on as rainy a night as last, when it took us over an hour to travel 15 kms. ​