introducing green spoon

Being passionate about cooking and all things 'kitchen' has meant that I naturally started to look at both the quality, and the source of the ingredients I was buying. Where does the meat come from, and what is that farm like? What about my milk, my cheeses, my fruits and vegetables, my preserves... so many questions. That together with being very keen on buying local - a trend that was just emerging as I returned home from Europe in 2008 - has meant that I am more interested than ever before in where my food is coming from. If you're in the same boat, you may have noticed that sometimes it isn't that easy to establish the source of your food, especially when you're buying at large institutions.

So... please give me a drum roll here dear reader (!) ... we have recently launched Green Spoon, a new food store for people who care about what they eat. The store is online only, but we'll provide you with pantry and frozen goods. I would be honoured if you would visit the website, and of course if you have any feedback, or ideas for produce you think we should stock, please let me know on

Thank you so much for your support!