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Healthy Cacao Protein Balls

Healthy, TreatsjujuComment
Healthy Cacao Protein Balls

As part of the greenspoon superfood January, we're experimenting with all sorts of fun things - like these beautiful (and tasty) little protein balls, perfect for healthy snacking. 

Protein balls. You are either into these or not, and if you're not, can I suggest giving it a go? These are portable chocolatey snacks that aren't stuffed with sugar and ultra refined ingredients that carry no goodness and only a sweet hit that will probably send your blood sugar plunging in no time! These little truffle-like goodies are like a mini nutritional powerhouse, and - if like me - you have a sweet tooth, they are a great little go-to for snacking! Use the very best cacao you can get (greenspoon's Cacao Powder from Tanzania is my obvious go-to!), as well as organic, cold pressed coconut oil. I also love to roll mine in a few different coatings for a bit of variety - so in this instance I did a couple in baobab powder (packed with vitamin c and other lovely goodies), some in cacao, some in chia and a couple in cacao nibs. Yummy!! 

Truffle like protein balls.jpg


40g skin on almonds
125ml warm water
12 fresh dates, pitted
15g cacao powder
2 tblsp coconut oil
baobab powder, cacao powder, chia seeds and cacao nibs to coat


Place the almonds in the warm water for at least 20 minutes. Drain, and put into your nutribullet or food processor. Add the dates, cacao and oil and process until smooth. Shape the sticky mess into little balls, coat with your chosen powder / seeds or nibs and refrigerate until you get the urge for a sweet hit!