Lunch with Juju

A journey through food in Kenya following fresh produce from farm to fork, scrumptious ingredients that make up delicious meals, and healthy options for those who love food and the kitchen!

A simple steak sandwich for Sunday

Last Sunday, we were messing around at home having a very lazy morning and feeling slightly sorry for ourselves with the inundation of colds and coughs when my brother and cousin turned up. Slightly 'piano' as we say in our house, as in - hungover, they slid in with caps and shades on, parched and in need of a good feed - as most bachelors are ;-). Having had no plan for lunch, I needed a quick fix. Luckily we had defrosted a beautiful piece of WHB Rump Steak and I decided that a simple steak sandwich would probably be just the thing to lift spirits and inject some energy. 

The Well Hung Butcher hang their meat for 21 days, making it amazingly tender and incredibly delicious. The hanging process causes the enzymes to break down the meat so that it becomes almost like butter. A good rump steak is perfect for frying in butter, and serving just like that. My top tip with meat is just to always make sure it comes up to room temperature before cooking it. 

Heat a generous knob of butter in a frying pan until it's hot but not burning, and add the steaks. Put them in the pan and leave them for at least two minutes, to cook. Don't be tempted to move them around too much! After a few minutes, they should be nicely browned, and at this stage you can flip them over. Again - give them two minutes to cook and brown nicely on the other side. 

Whilst this is going on, prepare your sandwiches. I like mine with lettuce, slices of tomato, home made wasabi mayonnaise, Brown's caramelised onion jam, and some home made tomato ketchup from Jars of Goodness. Absolutely delicious. Enjoy with a beer!