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A lighter coronation chicken lunch

Salads, Healthyjuju1 Comment
A lighter coronation chicken lunch

What was awesome about the 1970s? Apart from bell bottoms... and free love... well Coronation Chicken of course! Check out the way we do it: it's lighter, quicker and easier. And still super tasty. 

You're looking at a self-confessed, dedicated foodie follower of the seventies. Actually, no. I have to give the majority of that credit to my dear husband. Born just three years before the decade was out, it must have been what he was weaned on or something, but things from the seventies are just IT for him. Trifle. Quiche. Carrot Cake. Pancakes. And of course: Coronation Chicken.

My uncle, who was a child in the 1970s, says he was absolutely fascinated by tinned food, and that I should try to understand what an incredible revolution that was - to be able to open a tin and get food, just WOW. So one of our favourite things to do is give him unidentified tinned objects in his stocking each Christmas, which results in a kind of tin roulette where he has no idea what could come next. One real corker was tinned mutton, bought in the dusty cowboy town of Wadi Halfa in Northern Sudan. My uncle did report back that it had been tasty, but we weren't sure whether he was just putting on a good show. 

So back to the love of Coronation chicken. It's becoming a Monday habit. "What's for lunch, should I bother coming home?" is how the conversation starts. And I say "well we've got some leftover roast chicken from yesterday". And shortly after that, it happens - but these days we don't stash bough mayo, and making it is not something that happens at lunch time on a Monday. So instead, we substitute yoghurt. See below for your quick and easy Monday lunch! 


Leftover chicken
1 tbsp tomato chutney (or any chutney of your choice)
1 tbsp Simba curry powder
4 tbsp plain yoghurt


Tear your leftover chicken into shreds. Mix the yoghurt, curry powder and chutney together to taste - you may prefer more or less of the chutney or curry powder, and you could also add in some chilli powder. Once you're content with your mix, add in the chicken. 

Serve with a hassleback or baked potato and salad on the side.