The ultimate no recipe lunch

The ultimate no recipe lunch

Confession time: although this blog is choc full of heavy duty, full fat recipes, we actually try and follow a Superfood diet during the week... if you can believe that. So whilst looking again and again at wonderful recipes from Jamie Oliver's Superfood book, Hemsley + Hemsley, the Fast Diet book and more, I've picked up on my own easy superfood (I'd like to think) lunch time salad. No recipe required, just a simple guideline on what to add in. So here goes (my first time!):

Start with protein...
About a fist size amount of chicken (today it was leftovers from yesterday's roast chicken), or another meat of your choice - could be seared beef, fish, smoked meat, pork etc.

Go green
I'm a huge fan of spiralized stuff. So I love to add in spiralized cucumber and courgette. But you could also add in green beans, mange tout, baby corn, strips of red pepper for a colourful effect. But what I do advocate strongly is the addition of plenty of herbs - I usually go for parsley, basil, thyme or oregano, I think rosemary is too strong as is sage, but it's up to you! Add in lots, finely chopped.

Jazz it up
Here's where you can add some extra crunch and flavour - I love to put in toasted sesame seeds, but it could be pumpkin, sunflower or anything you have in the cupboard, or indeed nuts - go wild!

Dress it
Keep it simple for this - after all we're in a no-recipe zone here! I usually make a combination of oil, lemon juice, a dash of honey, some salt and pepper.

And lastly but not leastly...
The vehicle for all this - I favour red quinoa (for it's delightful colour as much as anything), but you could opt for brown rice, or wholewheat pasta. Cook per instructions, drain and cool, and then mix up with all your other ingredients.

Et voila - feast!