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A Christmas Eve Fondue

OK, I'll admit it's the LAST thing you need just before the veritable stuffing coming your way on Christmas Day, however... it's become something of a family tradition for us to celebrate early with a surfeit of cheese and steak, and what better way to get ready for the big day than a sharpening of the elbows around the table as you fight for a space in the fondue pot. And don't for goodness sake drop your bread into the cheese or your meat into the oil - because then you have to stand on a chair and sing a song. Humiliation in jubilation, as the whole family, merrily filled with kirsch and cheese, goads and teases with no thought for the danger of swinging back on camp chairs or slamming fists down on the table as hot oil bubbles away above a purple blue flame. After the feasting, we settle into a game of snip snap snorum, where there's at least 1,000/- to be won in the fierce competition of the family card game.

How to do fondue:

1) Ensure you have the right equipment - see here.

2) Cheese: rub a clove of garlic around your fondue pot, then discard the garlic. Then add some wine and heat up. Add some lemon juice and then the cheese, slowly stirring as it dissolves. Add some kirsch, and bring the heat up so that it's at the right consistency to dip your bread in. Keep it warm over a low flame, and enjoy!

3) Meat: heat oil in a meat fondue pan until bubbling. Keep at this temperature and stick the meat into it to cook to your taste. Dip into hollandaise sauce, and pair with various pickles etc. Oh and the cheese!

4) don't forget to drink kirsch as you go along to help with digesting the cheese!!