an aubergine dip for your bagel chip


If there's one veggie that sends me into a bit of a quandry as to what to create, it's aubergine. Perhaps it's because we didn't have it much as children. But these days I find myself drawn to it's shiny purple skin, especially when I think about the promise of smokey insides once I've blackened it on a direct flame. Actually I think it's probably one of the few ways that I really really enjoy aubergine - the Middle Eastern creation of a lemony, garlicky dip cut through with fresh parsley. Consider further that this is a super easy recipe and an ideal healthy way to impress guests or just take to work as a snack. Just double check you don't have meetings as the garlic breath could be off putting! 

Aubergine Dip 2.jpg


1 large aubergine
a squeeze of lemon juice
half a garlic clove
1 tbsp tahini
250gms thick greek yoghurt (preferably Browns)
2 tbsp olive oil
salt & pepper
some fresh parsley


First of all, you need to get the flesh of your aubergine all lovely and smokey. Thread the aubergine onto a skewer and burn it over a naked flame, turning regularly. Keep turning it until it is blackened all over and the skin begins to crack. When the aubergine emits an angry hiss of steam, you're done. Leave it in a sieve suspended over a bowl overnight to drain away excess liquid. 

Next morning, peel away the charred skin and discard. Add the smokey flesh to all the other ingredients in a non-metallic bowl, except the salt & pepper, and parsley. Whiz it all together with a blender, or mash vigorously with a fork until you have a chunky paste. Taste and season accordingly. Serve in a pretty bowl with the parsley to garnish, and Bella Luna bagel chips to act as your vehicle. 

Aubergine Dip 3.jpg