boclat chiscuit


Granny made this for us, and then our mothers made it - there was always a tin of boclat chiscuit on open day at Pembroke or when we went sailing at Crescent Island and returned, shivering and blue from an afternoon battling high winds and flying booms on our laser boats. It's a comfort food, and you can make it more chewy by increasing the golden syrup, or more crumbly by reducing it. The original used Marie Biscuits, but I have migrated over to digestives, which I prefer. Feel free to try both: it's a great excuse to make two batches! (The Tequila makes an excellent crushing tool, and gives you extra strength if you need it....)


1 packet of 425 gms digestive biscuits (locally made is fine) 
4 tblsp cocoa
4 tblsp brown sugar
4 tblsp golden syrup
4 tblsp butter
1 bar chocolate

Crush the biscuits. It's a fun job to give kids, but perhaps stick with a rolling pin rather than a Tequila bottle for them. Add the cocoa and mix well.  

Melt the butter, sugar and syrup together. Add to the biscuits and mix up. Press into a tin, and leave to cool. Once cooled, melt the chocolate and spread over the top. Put in the fridge, and then cut up into indulgent size squares. Et voila!