Lunch with Wiz


The tables have turned, and today I've been treated to the most delectable Chicken Tikka salad, courtesy of Wiz's culinary flair. It happens to be the anniversary of our arrival in Kenya five years ago - hot and dusty, after a monumental drive from Loiyangalani in one day, not to mention the preceding three months on the road from London. Back then, all we could think of was a cup of Earl Grey tea and some Victoria Sponge, a truly English quencher on the lawns at Longonot. Today, it's a typical August day, a cool breeze with hot sunshine breaking out through the clouds to warm the bones. And this salad is just the thing to warm your mouth, and insides, with it's combination of hot tikka chicken balanced out by flavoursome greens and aromatic coriander. Enjoy it on a warm day, and if you're feeling the need for some carb accompaniments, we'd recommend a buttery naan, and a beer.

We're super super lucky to have a bed of coriander that just seems to double in size by the day, and some mixed salad leaves that grow back twice as quickly as they are harvested, so those were the basic foundation. Add to that a couple of spoonfuls of capers, some grilled halloumi, your chicken (see instructions below), sliced tomato and cucumber, and a drizzle of dressing, and there you have it. If you want to go a little wild, some nuts might work well with this - toasted hazelnuts or cashews ideally.

Chicken Tikka Pieces

The secret to delicious chicken tikka is right here - in a packet! Gasp!! I know I'm not usually a fan of packet anything, but on this occasion, the Shalimar spice mix is spot on for a great tikka marinade. 

Mix your Shalimar spice mix with 1 cup of natural yoghurt, 2 teaspoons of tomato paste, 1/4 cup cooking oil. Stir in your chicken pieces (I recommend using breasts and chopping into approx 2 cm squares). Leave overnight. 

To cook your chicken, remove from the marinade and place under a hot grill until cooked through. Alternatively, use a griddle pan if easier. Allow to cool for a short while, and then mix with salad ingredients as above, and voila!