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a simple ciabatta lunch

Mains, SaladsjujuComment
a simple ciabatta lunch

With a pot of Brown's Ricotta in the fridge, and instructions not to indulge in sugary sweet things, I wondered what to do with it. So it was back to a quick search on pinterest for some (p)inspiration, but most of that was torturous images of luscious looking cheesecakes, so I decided to experiment instead. 

How about simply using ricotta, which is naturally low in fat and salt, with a snowy white colour and creamy texture, as a kind of spread? Flavoured with salt and pepper, and some lemon flavoured olive oil, I simply spread it onto toasted ciabatta. That looks good, but it could withstand some fairly robust flavours. So it's out with the mushrooms, which when fried up with some sage, creates a deep, earth tasting combination. Layered on top of the ricotta, I reckon this is nearly perfect!

The only decent ciabatta I've found in Nairobi is from Art Caffe - you can find them at various malls around town.

Ciabatta Loaf, sliced & toasted with a drizzle of olive oil
Lemon flavoured olive oil (available from Flavio's behind Salumeria Restaurant)
Brown's Ricotta 
Olive Oil for frying

Drizzle some lemon flavoured olive oil over the slices of ciabatta. Toast under the oven grill. Whilst it's toasting, slice your mushrooms up, chuck some olive oil in a frying pan over medium heat. Add butter for extra richness, if you want that. When the oil is hot, add the sage leaves. Shortly afterwards, put in your mushrooms. Reduce the heat and allow everything to cook off. In the meantime, get a couple of spoonfuls of ricotta. Grind in black pepper and salt, add lemon flavoured olive oil. Mash with a fork. Remove ciabatta slices from the oven, spread ricotta onto them, top with mushroom & sage mixture.

Enjoy with a glass of crisp white wine. Even if it's a week day...