Kenya's new cake queen


When it comes to cakes, I'm confident that my skills stretch to a tasty teatime treat. But when it comes to big events, you need cakes that make a big impact, and I usually don't have the patience to put together a beautiful and sophisticated number. So when a major milestone in my mother's life presented itself, I turned to Kenya's new cake queen for a statement piece. 

Helena Mortensen comes from the right stock when it comes to cake. Her grandmother Molly is famous for her delectable Christmas cakes amongst other things, and Helena's artistic side comes from her mother Susannah Mortensen whose paintings are renowned. I described my parent's lifestyle a little - retired, model farm in Naivasha, relaxed life - and asked Helena to come up with some ideas. She cottoned on to Mummy's love of the bovine beast, and came up with this fabulous design which pretty much perfectly represents Bess, the favorite cow of the herd. Bess lounges comfortably in lovely green grass with a couple of chickens running around and a milk pail on one side, with a fence made of candles. 

We presented Mummy with her beautiful cake, and after she'd overcome her unwillingness to cut it ('I can't cut into such a beautiful piece of artwork!' she protested), we dug into the delicious chocolate sponge with buttercream icing. Yum!

Helena can be contacted on 0721987184 or helenamortensen@gmail.com.