Going Nuts about Nutrition


Those of you who follow this blog will have noted that there is no shortage of cream, butter, sugar, and all the naughty stuff that makes food taste so good… however, I have discovered that there is a new way. The way of Nuts about Nutrition.

I went along to Heather Cuthbert's talk on Nutrition today. If you'd put a barometer on me this morning it would have said "definite skepticism; cloudy outlook". But I was pleasantly surprised. Heather's food is tasty. It is sugar free. It is dairy free. It is gluten free. So what's in it? A load of super healthtastic ingredients that will leave you full but not bloated, sufficiently sweetened but free of dental decay. 

Heather is a super qualified nutritional therapist, she has a BSc in Anatomical Science, and then lots of complicated letters after her name. She started by jazzing us up with a fresh juice of carrot, apple, cucumber and ginger, which has immune boosting properties, gastro-intestinal soothing agents, potassium, a ton of hydration and more more more. It was yummy. She explained that 75% of the immune system resides in the gut so when there's something wrong, look at what is on your plate first. Changes in the gut affect the detox system (your liver, kidneys etc) which in turn can mean that you attract every lurgy under the sun. 

If you call Heather in to help you out with your health, she will also scrutinize your lifestyle. Eating at your computer is frowned upon because the stimulation means your body is in sympathetic mode (i.e. ready for flight or fight) and this means your digestive system won't be working at optimum levels. She'll look at what you're snacking on and when you exercise, as well as your stress levels.

Does this sound like a life overhaul? It could well be! She wants you to change your attitude towards sugar, towards refined foods, towards fats. But I reckon if you give it a whirl you'll be surprised at how easily you can make those changes. I mean look at this delicious spread for starters… not bad eh?

For lunch, Heather gave us:

  • Sukuma Wiki Crisps
  • Roasted Red Pepper & Tomato Tart
  • Spinach roulade with a mushroom, sun dried tomato and herb filling
  • Mung bean and quinoa salad with coriander and walnuts
  • Butternut and beetroot salad with rocket and pine nuts

And get this: she even gave us PUDDING!!! It was a scrumptious raw banoffee pie, gluten and dairy free. 

Call Heather on +254 722 305 876
Email her on nutsaboutnutritionco@gmail.com
Check out her website here.