Rock your working lunch with a wrap from Lime Catering


We've all struggled with what to have for lunch on a work day; most of all when you're nowhere near home and don't have a wife ferrying warm quiches up to your office (that stopped when the askari ate it thinking I'd dropped it off for his benefit!). It looks like Karen / Langata may be graced with the answer.  It comes in the shape of a wrap, nicely packaged and securely rolled, and best of all: DELIVERED! I've sampled them all last week, so here goes:

Day 1

ThIs wrap was delivered at precisely 12:45pm, just when the grumbles from my tummy started to be impossible to ignore. There was no confusion over where to deliver, so no phone call from a bewildered bodaboda driver shouting down the phone for directions. That's important because it means my blood pressure had no reason to rise pre-lunch. It came in a brown paper bag, and was then wrapped in smart white greaseproof paper, with a nice sticker from Lime Catering. I cut it into three, to see how evenly the ingredients were distributed. It looked good - lots of green (tick healthy), a decent amount of medium rare grilled beef (tick tasty), some caramelised onions layered in (tick sweet) and a bit of mustard and horseradish spread throughout (tick tangy). My eyes were ready, and so was my tummy. The first bite was delicious. I realised that with the amount of lettuce in this wrap, it wasn't going to be a quick 'swallow' of a meal, and that is also good - eating slowly is important for your digestive system. The flavour got better and better as I ate, although perhaps a touch more horseradish and mustard would be good. All in all I'm giving this 9.5 out of 10. The 0.5 is only because there could be a touch of mayo or extra mustard in it. 


I'm a big fan of a good chicken tikka. And there's no shortage of exceptional Indian restaurants and fast food joints that do a mean tikka in Nairobi. So this one is a challenge to get right. The first thing I'll say about it is that the tikka element is well judged - the chicken was charred and flavoursome, but at the same time really really tender. It wasn't stringy or dry, and had been lovingly sizzled in the Cookswell Jiko charcoal fired oven. The end result shows respect for a chicken that probably would have wanted to go this way, it's a decent send off. Again this wrap had a generous helping of lettuce, which I like, and a decent amount of sauce ensuring comfortable rumination and flavour. You can see in the images below how evenly the ingredients are spread through the wrap, making each mouthful delicious.  


Roast veg is not always a winner - sometimes the peppers can be slimy or insipid, and they definitely need to be offset with a sharp, dry texture and flavour. Lulu and Graham have definitely put some thought into this wrap, because it was spot on. The roast peppers were charred beautifully, not over done but with the lingering taste of char dancing on the tongue before the sharp hit of feta took the taste buds in another direction, all backed up by a reliable, neutral layer of lettuce. Singing out from mouthful to mouthful came the distinct pesto part, which slipped in and out of premier position depending on the bite. There was also a bit of extra crunch in the form of a few pieces of carrot - not grated (which grates badly with me) but thinly sliced and rolled into the wrap to give another subtle but important dimension. All in all a 10 out of 10 for me with this one. 

For more information or to place an order, call Lime Catering on 0722 393 158. 
If you get on with it and order 24 hours before, you'll get a 10% discount.