Kenya is a mecca for artists. They say it's the light, and the colours. I think it might just be the great weather and the freedom. So like most of us, it's a heady combination, and for the artists, it equals inspiration.  

Last week, three of Kenya's great female artists exhibited together at a packed out house party where all the beautiful people mingled with other mere mortals, jostling around spilling wine, oohing and aaahing at the art and snatching snippets of gossip as they went.  

The combination of the three worked some magic. Juliet Low Designs  exhibited beautiful silver jewellery - her style is eclectic, detailed and innovative.

Using high quality silver, Juliet takes elements of Africa to create jewellery that speaks of the environment and wildlife of this continent. Her green resin sea urchins are a favourite of mine, but there's a lot of choice!

Katy McIntyre Brown paints on fabrics, but this exhibition showed off more of her recent oil work - enormous animal pictures looked down from above the fireplace, smaller creations depicting a classic Nairobi dusk stood humbly near the door.

An enormous Secretary Bird inspected each guest on their arrival, from it's position on the wall opposite Katy's front door. 

But what caught my eye, and eventually my wallet,  were Sophie Standing's fantastically intricate textile designs, such an original way to depict subjects on a canvas. Using scraps of beautifully patterned material, Sophie sews them onto a canvas and then uses her technique to enhance the shapes and shadows of the subject. I fell for this beautiful, cheeky Jersey Calf, who has a mouth full of grass! Living on Ololua Ridge, which is where we used to live, Sophie is essentially surrounded by farmland, and some beautiful cows... I love this chap.