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are you ready for a sophistication renaissance?

When Lali Heath and Jane Corbett arrived in Nairobi last weekend, it signalled the dawn of a new sophistication for East Africa. Lali and Jane brought with them a selection of their creations, suitable for all those who want to sway into a room with panache and elegance. The final punctuation on your perfect outfit. What am I talking about? Oh yes, hats.

Hats, hats, hats. Just like shoes, or handbags, in terms of accessorising your perfect outfit, but with the crucial difference that hats are now a rarity. Elongating your neck, lifting your chin and generally making you more beautiful, hats are a life long investment into grace. 

I'm afraid I couldn't resist; and my excuse is that I have a wedding in March - just five weeks after my baby will arrive - which means I will probably still be the size of a house. So with this elegant piece atop my head, I hope to distract the eye upwards, and give the impression of being just slightly taller than I am! There won't be pictures from that occasion ;-) 

Lali is based in Arusha, but returning to Nairobi for an exhibition in February 2014; make sure you book in to see her when she's here!  


Lali Heath Millinery

Jane Corbett